Do you accept credit cards at the hotel?

NO. We do not accept credit cards at the hotel, we simply don't have the facility. All transactions at the hotel are cash only.

We accept BIRR, USD, and EUROS. (All exchange rates at the official bank rate. We can also direct you to a bank so that you can do your own currency exchange.)

If you book a room online, credit card bookings are available. Get in touch with us if you want to pay by credit card for the room or anything else. We will create payment links specifically for you. 

direct booking vs

Direct booking usually gives you the best rates, and will offer you more flexibility. Check out the options page for details.

Is breakfast included?

Yes, breakfast is free for all guests. It is served between 7 and 10 am every day. See our sample breakfast menu. If you need breakfast earlier or later, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you have wifi?

Yes! There is WiFi throughout the property. And yes, it's free! Please ask for the password. (Although there are occasional outages across Lalibela.)

Can you arrange airport transfers?

Yes! There are two options, please send us your flight details to arrange these.

    1. Minibus shuttle transfer for 100 birrs per person. This minibus stops at all the hotels.
    2. Private car transfer for 500 birrs per car, which can accommodate up to 6 passengers with luggage. This is a direct transfer service.

Do you have a laundry service?

Yes. Please see this description of our laundry services.

How far is the hotel from the churches?

The ticket office is usually reached on foot in about 15 minutes. It is uphill to the church, and downhill back.

I want to see the churches. How does that work?

There are eleven rock-hewn churches in Lalibela town arranged into two groups: northern and eastern, with the famous Bete Giyorgis (Church of St George) slightly apart on its own in the west. The ticket office is located near the northern group of churches, and is open 6 am-12 pm and then 2 pm-5 pm every day.

There are separate entrance fees for other sites further afield from Lalibela. Asheton Maryam Monastery is located 7KM outside of the town. Yemrehanna Kristos Church, located 42KM from Lalibela, older than the Lalibela churches, is a personal favourite.

To get the most out of the churches, we recommend that you take a licensed local guide to learn more about them. They will also be able to recommend the best times to visit and plan an itinerary that works for you.

Please note that the guides' fees for the "Lalibela churches" will only cover the eleven in town. It does not include Asheton Maryam or other sites outside of Lalibela. Guide fees for these sites are separately charged.

The entrance fees are set by local government and changes from time to time. As at January 2020, the following applies:

  • Lalibela Churches (all 11 of them): US$50 per person. The ticket is valid for 4 days and you can visit as many times as you like.
  • Yemrehanna Kristos: US$30 per person
  • Asheton Maryam: US$20 per person

How much do guides charge?

The guides listed on our adventures page are all Lalibela locals whom we trust and want to help by providing more work opportunities. The standard rate for their services is also listed there. You can also negotiate with them directly when you arrive.

We do not take a commission for any of their services and support their right to earn a living wage. Any fee you pay to them goes only to them, and you can always try to negotiate directly. Charges can also increase during peak season (usually around religious holidays).

Please note that when guides quote fees for "Lalibela churches", it refers to the eleven churches in town. It does not include Asheton Maryam or other churches further afield. To visit those churches, there are separate entrance fees (and guide fees, if you hire one). All guides to churches must be licensed by the government.

We love to hear feedback about our guides, so please email us or drop a line on our Facebook page if you have any comments or suggestions. It helps all of us to learn and improve.

Can you arrange tours, guides, transport?

Absolutely! See our adventures page for some off-the-beaten-track suggestions beyond the churches. Check out some suggested itineraries depending on how long you are staying.

We are also happy to tailor a tour to your needs or combine some of the suggestions into one tour for you. Tell us what you are interested in, and we will help you to plan.

Our family have been in the tourism industry in Lalibela for a long time and some of us started off as guides ourselves. Our brother, Tadesse, has worked as Tizita Ethiopian Hikes long before we built the hotel and has a network of guides, drivers, tour companies around the country. We can help to arrange all forms of transport and get you in touch with the right people: cars, tuk-tuk, mules... Just ask!

When are the festivals in Lalibela?

To many, Lalibela is a sacred place as it is the home of the rock-hewn churches built by King Lalibela. The following are some major festivals where religious rituals and processions take place:

  • Genna (Christmas), early January (around 7 January)
  • Timkat (Epiphany), around the third week of January
  • Easter (Orthodox Easter), usually late April or early May
  • Ethiopian New Year, September (around 11 September)

Our hotel has a particularly good view of the Timkat processions as it takes place on our road. We are also close to the Genna celebrations which all take place in or around the churches.

I have mobility problems. Can you help?

We don't have specially-fitted rooms and bathroom for wheelchair access - but we are working on it! However, we have ground-floor rooms and we will do our best to help anyone with mobility issues. Using a combination of cars and mules, we have been able to guide some guests with mobility issues on treks. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

What's the best way to contact you?

Sometimes, the mobile (and data) network in Lalibela simply doesn't work as the infrastructure can be poor. So, there are some of the many ways to contact us:


For the best rates, book direct and pay a deposit by credit card.


For more flexible bookings, if you haven't decided on your plans yet.